Tuổi trẻ Fermi

Antignano (Livorno), November 25, 1958

To the most illustrious Prof. Emilio Segrè. In response to your letter of the 10th of the current month.

Having had the opportunity to guide and advise Enrico Fermi in his studies during his youth, more precisely, from his thirteenth until seventeenth year of age, I consider it appropriate to summarize here below how his studies took place during this period of time, i.e., from the autumn of 1914 to the autumn of 1918.


Sincerely your Engineer Adolfo Amidei.

P.S. The sentences that I put down for the dialogues that took place between me and Erico are perfectly true, because me I took exact notes of them on the same day they were spoken.

[Nguồn: Emilio Segrè, Enrico Fermi, physicist (University of Chicago Press, 1970); Emilio Segrè, Enrico Fermi, fisico (Zachinelli, 1971)].


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